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Sleep In My Back Yard

Airbnb, Letterpress, explain? Alright. It’s both. We rebuilt the old bakery in our back yard and divided the place in two. The smallest part became the Letterpress Studio, the biggest part the Airbnb. You can spend a weekend printing. Or you can just sleep and enjoy Voorburg, The Hague, Scheveningen and surroundings.

Why an Airbnb?

Having lived abroad for many years with our family of five, we’ve discovered the uniqueness of Airbnb. When we moved back to the Netherlands we wanted to be able to welcome friends and travellers from around the world. We bought an old (1920s) bakery and completely renovated the place. There’s nothing left of the traditional bread-baking-space, but we still offer you a breath-taking-place.

What do you get?

You will reside in a newly renovated, 120sqmeter freestanding house. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen and living area. The house is located downtown Voorburg, which is close to The Hague, Scheveningen beach and a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


Want to book it? Do it! Want to book it ánd follow a letterpress workshop? Possible. Want to book it ánd dine and wine and enjoy the Hoftrammm (eat while you ride through Voorburg and The Hague in a trolley)? For sure!

Book directly through Airbnb or shoot me a message for more information. See you soon!

Door made by artist Mr Upside

Mr Upside’s other sliding door

Hallway upstairs with pink closet

Pretty corner with hang chair

Wine & Dine

Living room

Kitchen (huge, yes) – red fridge yes

Wine, Dine, Live!

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